DG Ch.1 Page 3


June 19th, 2010, 6:42 pm

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I <3 drawing cute Gold instead of grumpy Gold, yus
He's so Red and Blue and wrapped up in one!!

Ima go finish watching Tenacious D now
fluffyfishy, June 19th, 2010, 6:42 pm

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mmMMmmm i like the lineart better like this, ITS LIKE I CAN TASTE IT!! TASTE IT ALL UP IN MY MOUTH LIKE YUM FOREAL YO!

how? How do you draw this comic? like scan it onto a computer or do you draw it in like photoshop?

I draw this comic using paint tool sai. like on three pages, I scanned them in. and on 2 pages, I scanned them and traced them on paint tool sai. The first few pages of Purple, I drew on Photoshop but then switched over to paint tool sai. If you have any more questions please ask :)

My sister and I can (sadly) sing most of the Tenacious D songs... >,>"


THANKZ! i just downloaded paint tool sai and wow is this like the most epic drawing program ever or what!!! IM SO IMPRESSED and im even thinking of making my own comic ! XD

@shadowrider7: I never seen the movie but it was pretty great. They remind me of Flight of the Conchords :D

@EZWheels: Go! Go make a webcomic, we can trade linksss

:D? so do you have a tablet? cuz i got a laptop with no mouse and just a that little pad thinger IDK what its called ?? :D
- Future Comic Champion!

yes, I use a tablet

no one disses chika!!!

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