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August 1st, 2010, 4:42 pm

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Okay guys, im kinda feeling like ditto right now. You know why? Because that long page, I saved something over the project file >.> now I have no long page and have to do it again, but my laziness . . so im just not gonna make it, and just post the normal 2-3 panels again, sorry.

Also voting for best comedy is over, I hope we win :D
It'd be great to win for you guys!
fluffyfishy, August 1st, 2010, 4:42 pm

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Ditto's expression=Love.

I HAET it when I lose files! D8

A flash I am working on right now lost 3 scenes (close to 10 frames each) of drawings. and another time I lost 2 scenes (close to 10 frames each again) of drawings that had been colored! D8

Hope you win~

I know what you mean, I kicked myself when I lost the project file, but I remember what most was on there. Like this part, but there was a panel before but I couldnt remember what it was, oh shame OTL

lol i voted for you ! , and i kept voting

nugguht u definitly won that shit, and if u didnt we finnen' to riot those bitches.
nowww, pokeslaughter on the other hand... naw nugguht that shit didnt win NOTHIN and i dont blame those bitches for not votin.

I dunno, Side Quests is more popular than Purple

XD lol face

oh my god this

i think i laughed to hard beuse of ditto's face

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